How I am able to deal with being single.

Valentine’s day just passed and reminded all of the single people just how single they are. Being single can have you feeling depressed, lonely, sad, upset, and whole bunch of other emotions that do not feel so good.
There was a point in my life where I felt all of those emotions. It was so bad to the point where I felt like I was going to be single for the rest of my life, with no kids, and a house full of cats!!! Mind you I was only 22, 23 at the time so I was completely over thinking. Thankfully I no longer have that mindset. Let me share with you a few thoughts that has helped me overcome my emotions:

1.Being single is temporary.

Now listen, it took quite a bit of time for me to realize this. It definitely wasn’t overnight. When you have been single for so long, and have not had the best of luck with men, it makes you think that you will be single forever. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel with my love life for the longest time, but I feel differently about it now. For one, I asked for peace and contentment with my love life, and I also asked God to give me the patience to wait for the right man and not rush the situation. Praying has worked tremendously. Believe me, you will not be single forever!

2. Being single is a time to heal and better yourself.

When I sat down and really thought about why I was single, I realized I wasn’t ready. I was broken, had low self-esteem, suffered from depression and a lot of other things. How can I truly love someone and give them my best if I’m not at my best? How can I love someone to the best of my ability, if I don’t love myself? During this time of being single I have learned so much about myself. I received counseling, I did some spiritual healing, and now I’m losing weight so that I can be healthier. Now that I am working on myself I feel better, and now I feel like if I were to meet my future husband tomorrow I would be ready and not hesitant.


fall in love with you

3.Don’t let social media fool you!

A lot of the reason I was depressed about being single is because I would see a lot of my friends on social media in a relationship looking happy but come to find out they were not. One of my friends who I thought was happy and had finally found Mr.Right, was deceived by him in one of the worst ways possible. He sent her a text and told her that he was in love with another woman! Now here I was thinking that they were so happy and in love because of what I was seeing on social media. Now don’t get in confused. I definitely want everyone to be in love and find someone they can share their life with forever, but seeing people in love on social media can definitely trick you.
All in all, don’t let being single have you depressed and feeling worthless. If you ask me, being single is a blessing in disguise. I know when you are single it does not feel this way, but with the new mindset that I have today, being single is a great thing. I have accomplished a lot and I have now realized what I want in life. If I were in a relationship right now my vision for my life would be totally blocked. I am now at a place where I can truly say I am happy being single, and in due time I will find the perfect man for me. I suggest that anybody reading this, man or woman, take this time to reflect, work on yourself, and don’t worry about it. If you keep worrying about it you will make yourself sick and miss out on some great opportunities in life!

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