Is college worth it where today’s society is controlled by social media?

“Is college worth it?”.

This is one question that many people have been wondering. Some know the answer, some don’t. Me on the other hand? I really don’t know.

Many people ask this question. Some know the answer, some don’t. Me on the other hand? I’m torn. Let me tell you a little about my education. I graduated with my bachelors in Health Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy. Now to be an actual Physical Therapists you have to obtain your doctorate of Physical Therapy. To be a Physical Therapy Assistant you have to obtain a state license which in the state I was in it would cost over $600!! I decided not to go forward with becoming an actual Physical Therapists (I’ll explain in another blog), but I said I would try to obtain my PTA license.

Now in order to do this, you need money right? Well I tried to get a job, but I could not find one anywhere! I tried fast food, retail, hospitals, EVERYWHERE!!! But I had absolutely no luck. So guess what I did? I went back to work at the movie theater I worked at in high school. A damn movie theater. Now was I embarrassed? Absolutely! Was I ashamed? Of course! But I couldn’t sit at home and wait for someone to call me. Who knew how long that would be? Even today I am still embarrassed about having to go back to work at a movie theater, but hey, everything happens for a reason. Also, I never got my PTA license and I don’t even know if I will try to obtain it.



I’ll tell you another story. I have a high school friend who graduated around the same time as me with a bachelor degree in biomolecular science. Me and her experienced the same type of struggle. She could not find a job either, so she went to work retail and enrolled in cosmetology school! She actually told me that when she applied to these jobs she was told she was either overqualified or under qualified. We also wondered why we even went to college when you have millionaires who barely have a high school diploma. This leads me to my next topic.



Social Media has completely taken over in today’s society. I watch a lot of YouTube and so many of the people that I watch make six figures and even become millionaires just by posting videos, and this is their full time job! These people live better lives than me and haven’t even put in half of the work educationally that I have. I have even watched people on YouTube drop out of college to focus on their YouTube channel. Can you blame them? They would possibly make more on YouTube than they would if they were to graduate from college and get a job. It’s pretty sad that social media could possibly give you a better future than actually obtaining a 9 to 5. Now I honestly believe that education is important but in this day in age it makes you think about if college is even necessary or worth it.

Are any of you experiencing this? If so I would love to hear how you feel about. Do you feel that college is worth it? Should you even go to college? Make sure to leave your comments below! I would love to read them!

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  • Margaret Stuart

    I really relate to this post as I am a Senior in college, graduating in May. I am finding that it is hard to find a job with my degree, however I still think that my college education has been worth it. Having a Bachelor’s degree gives me credibility and I hope will help me find a job that pays well. I do think that social media has taken over a little bit though, but even people who work in social media have full time or part time jobs… unless they are those rare cases…